Baby Beetle Belt

Black python

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This double python leather belt is adorned with an exotic beetle buckle, to give, even to the simplest look, a touch of a strong personality.

Since the Antiquity in Egypt, the beetle embodies the resurrection and more precisely the sun, which is reborn of itself. Even today, it’s symbolism of protection and inner energy persists. It is commonly worn as an amulet. A real powerful totem that will accompany and protect you on a daily basis.

  • Width : 3,7cm
  • Composition : Python
  • Matériau : Brass

Black Python Baby Belt

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Product price : 108,33 €
  • Size 1 - 80 cm - 31,5"
  • Size 2 - 85 cm - 33,5"
  • Size 3 - 95 cm - 37,4"
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Golden Beetle Baby Buckle

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Product price : 75 €
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Our python belts are all lined with leather. They are adorned with various silver or gold brass metalwork. Over the collections, the totem animals of the brand vary. We can notably find the snake, the beetle, the turtle and the frog. All our belts are modular, and thus allow you to change buckles and belts according to your desires !