The vast majority of our fabrics are woven by one of the greatest French weaver. The minority of our fabrics are made and dyed by hand by craftsmen and they are chosen from different countries according to the collections.

If your bag or accessory is slightly stained, clean it very gently using a very soft brush in cold water with Marseille soap or black soap. 

Avoid any soap with chemicals in its composition, this could damage the material.

If you don't have black soap or Marseille soap, take three tablespoons of baking soda and lightly moisten the mixture with water. Rinse quickly with clean water and lay flat to dry.


Regarding grease marks, we advise you to quickly sprinkle with “Terre de sommieres” directly to the stain for 3 hours or overnight if possible. Then dust it away. 


In order to best preserve the fabric, avoid direct contact with water and humidity, as this could affect the shade of the colors.


The delicacy and thoughtfulness with which you take care of your bags and accessories will allow you to keep them longer.