Non-exotic leathers

The vast majority of our non-exotic leathers come from Italy and are subjected to quality control and color discharging tests before leaving the tannery. To nurture your bags regularly and protect them from various weather conditionswe recommend that you waterproof the leather with a special waterproofing leather spray or cream once a month.

 If you notice non-greasy stains on smooth or grained leather, we recommend you to nourish the leather by applying a special leather cream using a soft, dry cloth. Beforehand, be sure to perform a test on an invisible part of your product. For suede leathers, gently rub the stains with a suede eraser.

Regarding grease marks, we advise you to quickly sprinkle with “Terre de sommieres” directly to the stain for 3 hours or overnight if possible. Then dust it away. 

If your bag or accessory is dark-colored, wear dark clothing first to avoid any discharging of the colors on your outfits.

Avoid water, contact with humidity, greasy substances and prolonged exposure to sunlight as this could impact the shade of the color of your product but also discharge on your clothes.

Leather is a living and natural material. A large part of our leathers are treated with vegetable tanning, so it is quite normal for the leather to acquire a patina over the years.

The delicacy and thoughtfulness with which you take care of your bags and accessories will allow you to keep them longer.