César Bag

Kingfisher python and suede

625 €
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This cross-body python bag has two compartments, two front pockets and an inside pocket. One pocket has a magnetic fastener and the other a zip. There's also a discreet glasses pocket at the top. Our César bag has been designed so that you can easily organise your bits and bobs.

Considered a symbol of rebirth, strength and courage, the frog is known to be a support during times of change. Strongly associated with the union between water and earth, the frog brings healing and happiness and helps to connect with the world of emotions.  

  • Height : 18 cm
  • Length : 30 cm
  • Width : 20 cm
  • Composition : python
  • Bandoulière : 120 cm

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Trendy and timeless, python leather is one of Claris Virot's favorite materials, which offers a wide range of products at unbeatable prices. Its thin and supple skin has scales that can be treated in different ways: printed, smooth or painted by hand. To know ; the ventral scales are larger than the dorsal scales. Nevertheless, precious skins are natural and susceptible to patina. The color may therefore vary over time. Our collection of python bags has been entirely made by hand, in our workshops.