Knot belt

Cognac thick suede embroidered

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This suede belt, lined with leather, is adorned with a magnificent oval knot brass buckle. It gives a strong look to the simplest outfits and can be worn with jeans as well as a dress.

  • Composition : Suede fabric
  • Matériau : Brass

Silver Gold Mixed Knot Buckle

Quantity: 1
Product price : 91,67 €

Cognac Thick Suede Embroidered Belt

Quantity: 1
Product price : 125 €
  • Size 1 - 80 cm - 31,5"
  • Size 2 - 85 cm - 33,5"
  • Size 3 - 95 cm - 37,4"

Cognac suede belt

Our belts are all lined with leather. They are adorned with various silver or gold brass metalwork. Over the collections, the totem animals of the brand vary. We can notably find the snake, the beetle, the turtle and the frog. All our belts are modular, and thus allow you to change buckles and belts according to your desires !