Archi Bag

Burgundy endek cotton

491,67 €
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This new large square over-the-shoulder tote bag is made from suede and an indigo bologan fabric. With a beetle clasp at the front, the Archi has a main compartment with a zipped pocket and two open pockets, perfect for organising your bits and bobs. It's large size means you can carry your laptop, books or even your beach towel!

Since the Antiquity in Egypt, the beetle embodies the resurrection and more precisely the sun, which is reborn of itself. Even today, its symbolism of protection and inner energy persists. It is commonly worn as an amulet. A real powerful totem that will accompany and protect you on a daily basis.

  • Height : 35
  • Length : 45,5
  • Width : 18
  • Composition : Endek Bordeaux

Burgundy red shopping bag

We develop new textiles and embroideries with each collection. All our fabrics are made using looms, thus favoring ancestral Balinese know-how. Recognizable fabrics thanks to their bright colors, which vary with the seasons but never cease to brighten up our collections!
All our bags and fabric accessories have been handcrafted on islands off the coast of Bali. Each weaving is unique. As a result, the patterns may vary slightly from one model to another.
For the maintenance of your bag, do not hesitate to consult our advices.