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Our brand new collection of Timor jackets is the result of a careful assembly of Tenune, Indonesian fabrics woven by hand and dyed using pigments, most often natural. Made of precious fabrics from Timor and Sumba, these jackets embody ancestral craftsmanship, celebrating the richness of Indonesian colors and patterns.

Respectful of the refined work and time invested by the master weavers, with whom we have worked for many years, no piece of fabric is wasted. They are selected for making the inserts of our bags and jackets. In the same way, the linings are made from scraps of our Endek fabrics, screen printing on fabrics made by hand and also used for the linings of our bags. No material is lost!

Each Timor jacket is a unique piece, it's classic cut makes it timeless, a harmonious meeting between tradition and modernity.

  • Size 1 - 80 cm - 31,5"
  • Size 2 - 85 cm - 33,5"

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