Know How

All our skins are carefully selected to ensure our leather and python products are of the highest quality. We choose Diamond Python, particularly for python skins with a natural color, adjusting each skin to the correct size for a better product finish. It may look very delicate, but python leather is extremely robust. It softens over time, making our bags precious possessions designed to last a lifetime.

Everything we make is entirely crafted by hand in our workshops using completely traditional methods. Similarly, all of the metalwork has been specially created by us and also worked in the traditional way.

Printed python undergoes a special dyeing process that is much more akin to the art of painting: artists delicately paint each skin by hand, making each bag unique!The final polishing python leather receives gives it its luster and sets the colors. The degree of polishing is specifically chosen for each color and each item. Our bags are cotton-lined and the interiors are in tones of beige, which is the natural color of python. Size permitting, each bag is fitted with a removable inside pocket and glasses case made of exquisite nubuck. This will help you easily find and protect your most prized posessions!   

Finally, we confirm that our goods are made from genuine and ethically-sourced python leather, imported in accordance with international laws protecting endangered species, and in particular, ‘CITES’ (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), also known as the Washington Convention.

Our skins come generally from Indonesia where, as for beef around the world, python is used as much for food as for its skin. We buy them from weel-known dealers who gave us all guarantees about their origin and the respect of the regulations in force.

To protect your  CLARIS VIROT items, we ask you to carefully read the section “Taking care of your Python”.