Ava Medium Bag

Caramel kocha lizard

466,67 €

This lizard bag with paisley embroidery can be worn on the shoulder or across the body, it has a jewel clasp and an artisanal chain that can be worn single or double. Organized in a single compartment, the Ava is large enough to store your essentials, and thus accompany you day and night!

Since Antiquity in Egypt, the beetle embodies the resurrection and more precisely the sun, which is reborn by itself. Even today, its symbolism of protection and inner energy continues. It is also commonly worn in the form of an amulet. A powerful totem that accompanies and protects on a daily basis.
  • Height : 12 cm
  • Length : 16 cm
  • Width : 5 cm
  • Composition : Lizard
  • Bandoulière : 105 cm

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Lizard is an essential exotic leather with a unique grain. This noble material is renowned for its resistance. Timeless and trendy, lizard leather features in all Claris Virot collections.
All our lizard bags have been handcrafted using noble, quality metals.
For the maintenance of your bag do not hesitate to consult our advices.